Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Case For Repeal

As I continue the internal struggle of whether to keep writing this blog or not, an issue comes up that requires my attention. A lot of issues have come up in the last month that piqued my interest (or raised the level of bile in my gut), most notably the shrieks coming from the Left regarding the Giffords shooting. That has been dissected and talked about by a lot of people. At the end of the day we all knew the Left was going to react in such a way. They are incapable of restraining themselves when creating a fallacious meme attacking the Right or others who don't think like they do. The Daily Kos, Media Matters, and MSNBC types are a fairly disgusting bunch so I won't give them much more column space than that. Hypocrisy is a term that gets thrown around in politics often (ironically it is the Left and their Holden Caulfield worshipping asses that sees hypocrisy as some sort of crime against humanity), but the paranoid hysterics emanating from the aforementioned media outlets shows if the shoe fits they need to wear it.

What I really wanted to discuss was yesterday's vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act or whatever nonsense the Democrats named the monstrous health care law. The debate itself is actually showing the Republican party as one of cohesiveness and purposed principled messaging. While the Democrats are once again throwing out everything and anything hoping it sticks with the American public. Whining things such as 'repeal will increase the deficit' (um when did they ever give a crap about that? Not to mention the argument is specious on its face), the oldie but goodie 'Republicans want to steal your Medicare grandma' and then there is nugget from Sheila Jackson Lee....noted constitutional scholar:

Seriously this is her argument? This is the Democratic Party line? They can't seem to get the fact that the American people, most notably seniors, understand that ObamaCare® would actually strip Medicare benefits (as it has already done so as some provisions of the law go into effect this year). And as Cavuto notes in the video, the woman in the video would get care regardless.

Charles Krauthammer was on O'Reilly the other night illustrating the fact that Democrats have already lost the argument over ObamaCare®, it was called the November elections. I agree with the point that Republicans after failing to repeal the whole thing, need to go after the individual mandate. Now once again it is something that has no chance of passing the President's desk without a veto stamp BUT it would be a politically difficult corner to back out of for the President come 2012. The only way to get this thing fixed for good is to have a Republican president in 2013, new majority in the Senate (not far fetched, the Democrats must defend 23 seats and many are in red states) and take the whole thing down. What can happen for now is to repeal certain pieces of it with new legislation. Having the individual mandate fail without the rest of it coming down could cause more problems than outright 100% repeal if other portions are not fixed (pre-existing conditions, the companies that are exempt from complying, etc.) that skew the risk pool. The whole scheme relies on everyone paying into that same risk pool. I have pointed out before that the individual mandate's questionable validity should be the linchpin of the PR strategy to unravel this disaster. It is still highly unpopular as it is unprecedented to have the federal government force you to purchase any private product. We have 28 states that filed a lawsuit contesting the federal government's overreach into health care. A cost that is usually a state budget's biggest nut. This tinkering with individual states' economies is destructive, couple it with that constitutionally questionable mandate and it should make for a compelling case in the courts, and with public opinion over the next year.

Oh I can hear some of my friends on the left saying, "Well then what exactly do you want, the Republicans don't say what they would change it to" yeah they have said it and so have most of the conservative punditry, check some of the proposals outlined in these two sources here and here. "Why didn't you guys do something back in the 90's when you had majorities, man?"....ugh really? There was no mandate for either party to massively and comprehensively overhaul the system. Did you all forget Hillary's foray into comprehensive health care reform? Crash and burn...with Democrats controlling the House, Senate and White House. How soon we forget, huh? If not for the Hillarycare debacle and some other missteps in 1993 and 1994 we wouldn't have had the Republican majorities starting '94.

Civility, My Ass

In the spirit of the new civil tone President Obama called for in his excellent speech last week (no seriously it hit all the right marks and was very eloquently delivered....albeit in a gymnasium with a bunch of screaming Obamabots, not in good taste but I don't blame him entirely for that), I report to you the latest on how Democrats and those on the left are embracing the civility:

By the way, nice job by Anderson Cooper grilling this idiot. And then you have Chris Matthews calling Michele Bachmann a "nut case" again here. Yes I know I should not expect much from the lefties on MSNBC and if we have learned anything at all in the last 10 days it would be this: Civility as defined by the progressive left is quite simply you must agree with me or you are an idiot and have no right to add to discourse. I will deem you uncivil for daring to question me.


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