Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Updated Top Ten List And Final Election Day Analysis

I wrote a column a week before the midterm showcasing the races where I most wanted defeat for the Democrats. Well not bad, I batted .500, which if I were playing baseball I would be in the hall of fame. Since I am not playing nor am I going into ANY hall of fame, I will hold back on the self congratulations. It worked out that my bottom three and top two got fired last week. Well at least them returning to the private sector will create or save a job in their districts, we should treat it as good news. Somehow Raul Grijalva held on in AZ-7 against political newcomer and rocket scientist Ruth McClung  by about three points, the others that survived on my list all got varying degrees of scare put into them. Rush Holt, Frank Pallone, Barney Frank, and John Dingell survived with much lower than usual victory margins. In districts were the Democrat usually wins these races with 65-70% of the vote (except AZ-7...it's nominally Democrat), Dingell did the best of all with 57%.

Now to the guys who did make it in, congrats to Allen West (FL-22), Michael Grimm (NY-13), Bobby Schilling (IL-17), Mike Kelly (PA-3), and the dragonslayer Daniel Webster(FL-8). Alan Grayson is now available for any segment on The Ed Show come January, fantastic.

The hope is for this wave election to not be in vain, the American people must hold the new majority accountable for any straying from limited government principles. This is the girl that got you to the dance so now it's time to deliver. Continue fighting for those principles, continue to show that we as a nation have a clear alternative between two parties that see this country very differently. If you can consistently show that, the Democrats are the ones who become the regional party. They will hold the Northeast (and even that is slipping from them), West Coast and select cities and that's really it. If you look at the map I posted yesterday it is almost a carbon copy of how the voting went in 2004 for President Bush. Republicans must also start to make inroads with Latino voters as President Bush had in 2000 and 2004. This is where a smart Republican face on the issue of legal immigration like Marco Rubio can be a huge asset. His ability to talk to Latinos and his overall articulation of conservative principles makes him a powerful weapon to have. If the party and leadership plays their cards right, it will actually be quite easy to oust the sitting President in two years*.

With that being said I leave you with Marco's words on election night. He shows he understands that this is not an embrace of the brand of Republican but a second chance for them to get it right, to deliver on the right principles going forward:

*barring any domestic terror attack or extremely dramatic improvement in the economy


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