Monday, November 8, 2010

Back From Vacation

To my dedicated (but sparse) readership I apologize for being away so long, especially considering the big election last week. That's a quick way to get my political blogging membership card revoked. Last Tuesday was a big day and I hope all of you went out there and did your part to bring victory and stop the liberal progressive agenda. And if you happen to be one of those liberals here is a souvenir I brought back from my break:

Who's the regional party now?

The danger here is for the Republican Party to misread what happened here last week. It was not an open embrace for the brand of Republican, it was a full out rebuke of progressivism. Quite simply just that, and if they go back to their own big government tendencies they had in the last couple years of their majority, they will be banished to the hinterlands for a long time to come. I do not believe that will happen, for one the leadership is different. John Boehner is a tough bastard and is no Newt Gingrich with higher aspirations. He has set out the course of Congress already by making it clear that they are there to respond to the President's agenda and speak for the voters that sent them there to oppose that agenda. That is all the House can do without having the White House and Senate under the same party rule. Without the authority to override a Presidential veto, you don't really have the power to force their hand. It is the beauty of the design of our bicameral legislative body. What you can do is force the President to sit down with you to get anything through. In the House you have the purse strings, so when Obama sends you a budget replete with big spending, hack it up. In an odd twist it may be a good thing to have the Senate still controlled by Democrats, President Obama can't paint the Republicans as obstructing the agenda or position himself as Harry Truman and call this the "Do-Nothing" Congress. With 30 plus Senate seats up for re-election in two years (majority of them Democrats) the clear incentive for those due to lose their jobs in 2012 is to listen to what the electorate screamed out so loud and clear last Tuesday, "Enough of big government!".

Secondly, and most important, the people going to D.C. are committed to limited government principles and will form a more right leaning coalition than even what was present after 1994's takeover. The force of the Tea Party will also be holding a lot of these Reps' feet to the fire for any acquiescence to liberalism. So it will be interesting to see how the President starts to position himself and if he actually learned anything over the last two years. Will he actually understand the country he is governing, limited government is the tradition and if he doesn't grasp that fact it could be a long two years until we get his replacement.

It's obvious that some on the left still do not get it. Hearing that Pelosi wants to maintain her leadership has some of the few moderates left in the Democrat caucus shaking their heads and openly announcing a challenge to her becoming Minority Leader. It would be a devastating blow to the Democrats' national chances in 2012 if she gets her wish, since it would leave in place the same triumvirate of Obama-Reid-Pelosi as the faces of the party. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

You went on vacation and all I got was this lousy electoral map???

Ocho said...

very funny...they ran out of t-shirts

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