Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Would You Have Seen This In '08

Four years ago and then again two short years ago the Democrat tidal wave was sweeping in all sorts of characters (Eric Massa or Alan Grayson anyone?) on the guise of draining the swamp (2006) or Hope and Change® (2008). Along with that came the pundits screaming from all angles that the Republican party was dead and anyone associated with it would have electoral troubles in the future. Well I agree that the version of the Republican party that had been parading around Washington in the last half of the Bush administration was essentially 'Democrat-Lite'. This was a large factor in the wave elections of '06 and '08. No one could reasonably figure out which party was NOT big government. With that being said who would have thought that only after two short years you would have a Democrat running an ad touting his voting record in this manner:


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