Thursday, October 14, 2010

The View (Well Unless You Disagree)

This morning on The View, those paragons of intellectual debate and integrity Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg stormed off the set of their own pathetic TV show. It was all because Bill O'Reilly mentioned truth and fact. I understand why Bill does this show every now and then...although I am not sure why anyone still watches it. He does it to push product and actually voice a contrarian opinion in an articulate manner (unlike Elisabeth Hasselbeck who allows herself to get abused and offers her insipid response here as usual). Now he does condescend at one point to Joy but anyone that watches him knows that's his "brand", and he probably shouldn't have and on his show tonight he did regret that. Well here is the video:

He points out a CNN poll that did reflect that those of us who oppose the GZ Mosque are on the 70 percent side of this 70/30 argument. True. He points out the problem Obama stepped in when he commented on the obvious (their Constitutional right) and avoided the true bone of contention (the wisdom of actually building it). Truth. Muslims in the name of their religion attacked us on 9/11 and have invoked Islam in thousands of attacks since then. True. I invite you to go ahead and click the button on the right side of this blog and visit the Religion of Peace website or Jihad Watch. More truth.

He was asked a simple question of where the disconnect was with Obama and the American public. He points out his "View" and all heck breaks loose because he offended the liberal sensibility, the liberal love with political correctness. Their constant need to break down your speech. Their love affair with not offending Muslims. After nine years have we not figured out the difference between regular peace loving Muslims and these radicals. I refuse to use the word extremist, their tactics are extreme but there is plenty of evidence to back the fact that their narrative of Muslims being persecuted by the West is actually quite common and accepted in the Arab world. If it wasn't for Dr. Zuhdi Jasser I would be of the opinion that there are NO public Muslim voices denouncing the atrocities committed by Sharia loving Muslims worldwide.

Let me address Whoopi's particular sense of what is good taste. Isn't she the one who has defended Mel Gibson time and again, after his wife beating and his anti-Semitic rant? Didn't her mis-understanding of our legal system let her opine that Roman Polanski didn't commit "rape rape", whatever the hell that means. Interesting that she was offended by Bill's word choice when everyone in that freaking room knew exactly what he meant. Another typical liberal trope that she spouts is this line of reasoning that "Ooooh McVeigh was a right wing extremist why aren't we identifying white people in this manner?"...Holy crap where to start with this incomprehensible line of logic. First to equate a one off wacko like Tim McVeigh with a worldwide jihad is asinine. No doubt domestic terror is a problem but larger than Islamic terror? Really? If you want to make that argument please do so in the comments below, would love to hear them. Lastly, he was no right winger, if anything he was an anarchist with a Nazi bent. If you have read anything (read that book and it will open your mind on the conventional wisdom) about the rise of socialism, Fascism (big F is Mussolini's version) and Nazism you would understand that it is not easily characterized as "right wing". Those philosophies are more closely related with Progressivism than any sort of right wing thought.

As for Joy, I really do not have much to say that she hasn't already said herself. You can see it here, here, here, here and here. Once again I have no problem with these yentas jabbering on this show talking up their views, good for them. The problem here is the overt hypocrisy, and then stomping off like children. I mean the cracks on the liberal facade of Hope And Change® are showing daily, and I understand that they just don't get it. They can't possibly understand why the majority of American people have had it with profligate spending, out of control government overreach and a President who is so coolly out of touch with American sensibility. It's the same thing over and over again for the big government lovers, how are the rest of us so stupid that we just don't see what's good for us. Don't you rubes know that the Constitution is flawed and we the technocrats and bureaucrats will fix it for you. Ok I am tired so I finish here, besides listening to Behar speak on those videos has made my ears bleed...


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