Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recurring Nightmare

No it's not the one you have where Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid control the legislative agenda. It's the one these Democrats must be having after all the promises of the Obamacare are falling by the wayside. I am not sure where or what the wayside is but I think it hurts when you fall by it. All joking aside, news story after news story illustrates that the Democrats were lying with a straight face for months. Hey Pelosi how about those 400,000 jobs that were supposed to be created "almost immediately" after the law was passed? Was there a statement uttered by a politician that garnered a quicker call of "BS" than that one in recent memory? When even a quarter of your Democratic voters favor a repeal of the law you know it's a P.R. disaster. Maybe that's why they brought in Mark Penn to poll this recently.

Democrats running for Congress are also running from Obamacare, Pelosi and other portions of the Obama agenda that the majority of the country is opposed to. And certain portions of the hard Left are none too happy about going out to vote feeling that Obama has watered down their Progressive agenda. He shouldn't antagonize the whiners, they pull the strings of the modern Democratic party. Not exactly a surprise really, George McGovern in 1972 is the one who pulled this party so far to the Left. It is no coincidence that it took a perceived centrist Bill Clinton to have multiple national electoral successes as a Democrat. If I have said it once I will say it a thousand times, America has a whole rejects Progressivism. The country may embrace certain ideas of it but, this midterm election and 2012 will bury huge portions of big government love (nationalized healthcare,extreme environmentalism) for good if the elected Republicans do the job people send them there to do. If you show yourself as an unabashed big government liberal you will lose nationally, oh you'll win your congressional districts in Manhattan, Detroit, and Los Angeles but the rest of the country doesn't drink Kool-Aid. See the year I mentioned above.

At the end of the day November 2nd is shaping up to be a rejection of statism, not Obama's personality or race. It will be a rejection of policies and a hope that a new Congress will be able to stem the tide of encroaching government on every aspect of your life. So Democrats need to understand it as such so we can actually have discussions regarding the merits of their policies as opposed to the usual ad hominem they deal in (i.e. O'Donnell, Angle,Whitman,etc.). Well you and I know that will never happen, since any real discussion of Progressivism leads to rejection by the majority.


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