Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR...Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

Will someone please tell me where in today's society we need National Public Radio. They are a worthless cash drain on the American taxpayer, granted it isn't much but anything more than $1 is a waste. Now they have collapsed to the political correctness lynch mob known as (not linking to that den of dirtbags) and the HuffPo. The late breaking story tonight is Juan Williams getting fired over at NPR for making some comments on O'Reilly's show the other night. I actually happened to catch it and he really wasn't saying anything off the wall that in post 9/11 America we all haven't thought ourselves. But then again our employer isn't NPR and most of us don't have to answer to the irrational Leftist bloggers.

Here are a couple of the stories linked here:

Screw Free Speech-Big Journalism

Firing Offense - Michelle Malkin


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