Friday, October 22, 2010

Left In Trouble

The Left is losing credibility every day with the average American. True, the Left will always succeed with sucking in the people who live in echo chambers, L.A.,S.F and New York specifically. What is becoming apparent is that by hijacking certain media outlets with their orthodoxy they have created centers of intolerance, not necessarily to people but to ideas. If you don't share the idea you are out. This is what has happened to Juan Williams over at NPR. What other reason can you cite to fire someone, a journalist no doubt, who you pay for their opinions? Especially when what he said was cautioning about painting with a broad brush and using his own visceral experience to illustrate it...but I doubt any of these idiots listened to the whole 6 minute segment on O'Reilly. This is not to say there aren't fireable offenses when you make opinions, if they are offensive or say maybe directed at your bosses on air then yeah you probably should have thought before you spoke. I think most level headed people would after hearing all of Juan's comments would not think he was offensive.

At the end of the day the reason NPR gave was in not so many words "Hey Juan, we don't like that you go on Fox News". The current leadership at NPR (a federally funded disaster masquerading as serious news gathering increasingly being influenced by the irrational Soros left and whose money was used to employ about 100 or so "reporters") was growing uncomfortable with a man appearing with the likes of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity on a network they hate. Look I dislike MSNBC's lineup of half wits (Ed Schultz anyone?) but I certainly do not deny their right to talk and give opinion...switch the channel if you don't like it, which by the looks of their ratings it seems most people do exactly that, but I digress. What they would see, if any of these leftists actually watched Juan's appearances, was that he was there to challenge a lot of their views. Especially with Hannity, he was there as a foil most times. Anyone who has listened to Juan or read any of Juan's excellent books would realize he is a man of the left and certainly not a bigot. Granted he's not one of these Soros funded, Kos loving rejects on the hard left....but one of level headed thought and opinion. God knows listening to him sometimes (especially in defense of some of the more liberal aspects of the current administration) made this conservative guy cringe BUT always he was classy and articulate with his opinions. In the end he was spreading those views on a network, where let's face it, most of the audience is not liberal. Isn't that what news opinion is all about? Exposing yourself to someone who doesn't think like you and one that does so without ad hominem B.S. like Olbermann and Schultz?  A-ha but that is exactly what gets him fired, exposing himself to the much hated Fox News. He didn't think like the Soros,,DailyKos, and Media Matters intellectual midgets so he must be kicked out of the clubhouse.

He made an astute observation in his interview today with George Stephanopolous, he said that  growing up in New York and being a man of the left, he "always thought it was the right-wing that was inflexible and intolerant" and how this episode has made him re-think that position in regards to the type of leftists controlling NPR. He notes the ad hominem attack, which is the favorite tactic of the intellectually dishonest. I mean look at all those who stood up for him, all on the right and some on the left. Coincidentally it is many of the same people on the right who called out the administration for firing Shirley Sherrod this summer without having the whole picture, um why did the left direct their outrage at the media outlet for leaking the speech (breitbart) and not the government for the knee-jerk reaction? Two words: partisan hackery.

It is clear that the American public have a distaste for political correctness but even more so if their media outlets display it. They feel that commonsense has left the building and that many times they are being talked down to (that's because we are) by their traditional media outlets. In many cases they are correct, the Juan Willams situation only reaffirms that we have a long way to go to marginalize this type of 1st Amendment application by convenience. The establishment clause guarantees that we have a right to a free press and free speech, not sure if MediaMatters or NPR got the memo. One called for his firing and the other actually did it, pathetic. Their continuing position is one of pettiness and now they are upset that people on the right are defending him? Laughable stuff here. Hate to break it to the irrational left, the sales pitch of your ideology to the American public (outside of your usual precincts) is becoming stale. Americans thankfully are smart enough to see knee jerk hypocrisy when it occurs. Talk to me on November 3rd...

UPDATE: Suggested reading: Is Nina Totenberg Next? or Is Mara Liasson Next? That last piece from Mediaite points out that Boehlert of MediaMatters has already contacted NPR about Mara. That's where it all started with Juan. I sometimes wonder if the progressives thought 1984 by Orwell was a playbook and not the cautionary tale it was supposed to be. These are just more examples of, if you don't employ "goodthink" you are out of the just aren't liberal.


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