Monday, October 4, 2010


Harry Belafonte, the godfather of American calypso music and all around Communist good guy showed his true colors once again, this time at the One Nation Rally. You know, the rally of union workers, socialists, Marxists and other assorted Americans who inherently dislike their country and its values...

They billed it as the answer to the Beck 8/28 rally. Harry mentions the Tea Party as did other speakers. Tellingly the Beck event was not political (more like a religious revival camp) much to people's surprise and much to the Left's chagrin. As you watched that clip notice all the diversity in the crowd...all the red, green, or purple shirts representing all the unions. The Commie rally over the weekend though was anything but civil as was plainly reflected by the key speakers and with this not so shocking video:

As offensive as all of this imagery is to most Americans, this is the apparatus of which the Democrats will rely upon to maintain legislative control. We must be very aware of their usual tactics and know that they are serious in their objectives. They will be busing people to the polls as they were busing people to the National Mall on Saturday. We have to continue to speak about the Obama agenda, and the continuing creep of Leftism's influence at the highest levels through their usual apparatus, the labor unions. The House is not won yet nor is the Senate, so get out to vote on November 2. Tabitha Hale over at RedState has some first person reporting from the One Nation rally here.


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