Thursday, October 21, 2010

12 Days Left....

I am not usually one for hyperbole on this blog or in my personal life. Sometimes in my rhetoric I get heated and passionate but I try not venture into the realm of partisan hackery and the illogical. I support conservative and libertarian principles, and those on either side of the aisle that just don't get it will have me looking askance at them. That being said this is the most important election in our lifetime. I know that the phrase gets thrown around every four years like clockwork for the Presidential elections, but this time I actually agree with it. Why is it that important?

In the last two short years (and to a greater extent the last 4) we have seen a fundamental shift in the way America conducts itself here at home and abroad. We have for the first time since Woodrow Wilson, a man in the White House combined with both houses of Congress so married to the Progressive agenda. I say Wilson and not FDR because in Wilson's day both parties were progressive, it wasn't until the rise of fascism and Nazism in the 1920's and 1930's did Conservatives (classical liberals) start to take root in American politics (Calvin Coolidge being elected is the prime example). They did so out of response to the obvious similarities between the Progressive agenda and what was happening in Italy, the Soviet Union and to an extent Nazi Germany (minus the part about rounding up Jews). Having all those progressives so entrenched in everyday legislation brought on policies that ran so far afoul of the Constitution. Some of the highlights of the Wilson era: Federal Reserve Bank, Revenue Act (our lovely progressive income tax established), Lever Act (our first real agribusiness subsidies), and of course his love of nation building (which is a true progressive infatuation). Won't even mention many of the civil right crushing initiatives during WW1. He was the stereotypical elite technocrat, believing our society was best run by people like himself....former president of Princeton, published author,etc.

So why on earth do I invoke Wilson in my call for electoral upheaval on November 2nd? We currently have a ruling class in Washington that believes very much like those turn of the 20th Century progressives. The technocrats and bureaucrats have a better understanding of how this country should be run is their line of thought. They know better than our Founding Fathers and documents, that is the crux of their argument and why they desire power. I along with millions of others in the majority soundly reject this viewpoint. This election will be about America's exceptionalism, whether we want to be grounded in the founding documents that created the world's greatest human experiment or, whether we want to continue down the road of progressivism and the failing road that Europe has so expertly laid out for us. The choice is clear, the modern Democratic party has no place for believers of individual liberty and the free market system. This video here sums up the choice (H/T Red State and Ben Howe)


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