Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Sure Have Come A Long Way

A long way from this:

To this exchange yesterday

People were really swept up by this unrealistic fervor in 2008, not exactly a groundbreaking revelation on my part. It is the speed at which everyone has awoken from their slumber which has impressed me. Yet at every turn Democrats seem to be missing the point of the outrage. Even the President seems to be oblivious to this. There is a moment in yesterday's exchange where it seems he is ready to laugh with the woman, when at first blush it seems she will be going off on the President's critics. Some commenters over at Ace Of Spades noticed this too and nailed how his facial expression changes:
Obama thought at first she was making the point that exists only in Obama's head, that is, that these attacks are all silly distractions made by unserious people (or seriously racist people who talk about him like he's a dog). He wanted to laugh with her at how nonsensical all this criticism was. I hear ya, sister. It's ridiculous, isn't it?

But then she affirmed her own belief in the seriousness of these criticisms and he realized he wasn't going to get what he had been used to -- adulation for his lack of accomplishments. And then he grimaced.

This unique brand of arrogance emanating from the White House is dragging them down further than necessary. The President made some interesting remarks at this town hall as well. Granted they were complete and utter fabrications as he tries to position himself as a fiscal conservative. This type of disingenuous about-face is what has made this administration anathema to most of America. The turnaround of Obama the Centrist, Post-Partisan Campaigner to the hard left ideologue who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has destroyed this Presidency. How is this becoming so difficult for those in this White House to admit? There was a time when most of us believed that Emmanuel, Plouffe and Obama were politically savvy....well I guess there was also a time when people thought their mortgage was getting paid for. We have come a long way indeed.


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