Friday, September 17, 2010

The Rout Is On...In Most Places

Jim Geraghty's latest breakdowns on the races across the country are found below. The momentum is clear and it will take a miracle of some sort to stem the rising tide but everyone on the Right must keep talking about the elections with their friends and make sure they get out to vote in their respective areas. The media will be spinning all sorts of stories like this, since they are the water carriers of the Left. It only displays sheer desperation and a realization that the high watermark of 2008 is well in the rearview for them. As always facts are stubborn things and all the numbers and facts point to a certain Democrat bloodbath. The Governor races looks like a likely 13 statehouse pickup for the Republicans. Ouch! Taking out the toss-up races, RCP has it 31-19 after November's election day. This plays a large role in redistricting after a year ending in a zero. The Senate looks out of reach even if Mike Castle was the nominee in Delaware. It would have been close but picking up ten seats was always a tall order, more importantly the almost six-seven seat pickup completely destroys the near filibuster proof majority the Democrats have had for almost two years. Control of the House is paramount though to thwart Obama's hard left agenda so let's hope the momentum continues and on November 10th we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

The Rout Is On. - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online


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