Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rearranging The Deck Chairs

That is the sense we are getting from the Democrats isn't it? Every thing being proposed lately is just more of the same junk. A $786 billion dollar stimulus we were told had plenty of shovel ready projects clearly wasn't enough, so let's print another $50 billion to do exactly that? Whoopee more deficit spending, haven't heard that one! I have a better idea, print the $50 billion and throw it in with Pastor Terry Jones' Koran fire on Saturday. It will have the same effect....NOTHING!

Today, Time Magazine reports that Obama's OFA propaganda/campaign arm is hurting and lacking in organization. The White House recently pumping $30 million into it. Why bother? It seems Plouffe and the rest have thrown in the towel for 2010, not really doing too much but getting out of the way of most congressional races because the President is so toxic. They do realize they are on the Titanic this year so let's throw some life rafts down to our base. Let's get the unions riled up, let's fabricate some fake racism, and let's engage John Boehner for no reason. Jim Geraghty over at NRO put it this way:
In fact, the last people to pay enormous attention to John Boehner were probably his family. This is not to knock him, but to illustrate the inanity of the Obama camp's last-minute demonization effort. It's tough to gin up a good Two Minutes Hate after the Two Minute Warning. The economy's a shambles, and Obama wants Americans to focus their ire on . . . that guy? Him? The orange fella who looks like a hardware-store owner who's managing a House caucus small enough to meet in a phone booth? If he reaches any further, Obama's next scapegoat will be an actual goat.

The more President Obama opens his mouth the more evidence I have that he and his team have no effing idea what they are doing, if their intent is to govern this nation. For goodness sakes he can't even fill the auditoriums anymore with real people that want to listen to him. The professional Left (Soros' crew, HuffPo,Olbermann) are completely unhinged lately (not that they aren't usually, just more so Ed Schultz anyone?). Do we need any more proof that they know their Progressive agenda is a non-starter. Every poll now has Republicans ahead on the trust question. Which is a stunning turnaround if you think about it. Heck I even have a problem trusting them BUT this administration is SOOOO far to the Left that it has traditionally middle of the road people simply incredulous. Who will pull this administration back to reality? Hopefully the takeover of the House will answer that question.

What Exactly IS Obama Doing?

The President along with the sycophants around him continue to support ridiculous positions that he apparently cannot back down from. For those who want to see this WH move to the center that fact alone is cause for alarm, since it seems one of the only contrarian voices left, Rahmbo Emmanuel, may be exiting stage left. More and more Democratic candidates are distancing themselves from him and his policies. That is merely for political survival, because trust me if they get re-elected they will continue to follow the Pelosi-Reid train to nowhere. More reasons to get these bums out, the only vote that we should see as important is their continued support for Pelosi as Speaker or Reid as Majority Leader. After last summer I thought that Obama may triangulate after the November mid-term elections. I now realize that his political instincts are all wrong and he will dig in and double down because it just isn't in him to believe that what he is doing is destructive or wrongheaded. He has a different vision for this country. How can I say this? I just use the evidence I have in front of me (SB1070,Holder's Justice Dpt.,Skip Gates,GZ Mosque,Obamacare)*, just like the evidence I had in 2008 would not allow me to pull the lever for a community agitator with no executive experience and questionable (at best) associations.

The bottom line is that I want to believe in that initial assessment, made after the debacle of Obamacare last summer. He would wake up and realize that the country as a majority despises Leftist policies. Then that would cause a shift to pragmatism. Well I haven't seen it and I do not believe we will, I now believe him when he says he wouldn't mind being a one term president. Toby Harnden of the Telegraph (U.K.) wrote a piece recently suggesting that may be his intent, while I don't agree with everything in it I do agree with his general point. Obama does not seem to want to do the things necessary to lead or be President of ALL the United States, just the 20% or so who consider themselves liberal. The President would rather have a "post-presidential role as the leading global thinker in the post-American world as a Republican successor enters office is more attractive than being sullied by the political compromises and manoeuvrings necessary to win."
My problem with that is this President is an open advocate for a post-American world and has no interest in preserving our exceptionalism. That reason alone is what drives my ire and opposition more than any of his irresponsible fiscal policies. The fiscal policies are just the means to create that post-American world he so desperately wants to live in. I say just send him on his way to the head of the UN or some Leftist think 2012.

*excuse my rampant use of parentheticals today,ha.


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