Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

Some days in writing this blog I feel like there are so many things to talk about that in a fit of ADHD would rather just lay them out to you, give some quick points and then let you decide. Kind of like my version of Fox News' "We Report, You Decide". Hope they don't mind I used that. In the spirit of being a full service (using the term loosely of course) news site here are a few things that have piqued my interest.


This will be a recurring theme through the next month leading up the mid-term and beyond. As we start seeing some of the early implications of the bill and it's mandates, people will come to loathe this legislation more than they do now. I mean how many more stories like this, this or this are we going to have to read in order to understand that the President openly lied to the American public time and time again. I wonder why I haven't heard him say lately, "If you like your current insurance you will keep your current insurance". Anyone care to answer that question for me? Or anyone care to posit as to why Democrats running for re-election are being cautioned to not say the words "stimulus" or "healthcare" in their campaigns? Oh that's right we are all just too stupid to know all the wondrous things Dear Leader Obama has bestowed upon us. Look bottom line is that everyone that took an objective look at this piece of legislation could have predicted these types of "unintended" consequences. As I have argued before, I do not believe these consequences were at all unintended by this President and the leftist hacks that wrote the law. It will be their excuse for even more government intervention when the insurance companies have to increase rates to stay in business while keeping in compliance with the mandates.

Dirtbag Grayson

Ugh not sure why I give this guy the time of day but, found this new video a fantastic answer to his line of slimy ads. A little taste of his own medicine. H/T

Meg Whitman and Maid-gate

I really question anything that weasel attorney Gloria Allred is involved in, she pulled a similar stunt before Arnold Schwarzenegger's election to governor. She gives the legal profession a bad name and the women never met a television camera she didn't like. Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor in California, has run into a problem with hiring an illegal as a maid. In a not so unsurprising move, this story breaks a day after Jerry Moonbeam Brown got his clocked clean in a debate against the former CEO of eBay. Bottom line is that it seems as soon as they found out she was un-documented they had to let her go. Sour grapes? I doubt it. It's that scumweasel Allred taking advantage of a poor woman who had to get fired once she was discovered as an illegal. There seems to be some questionable timing as to when Meg Whitman found out she was illegal, but to everyone with a pulse it's a distraction. If a state that is facing massive pension underfunding, unemployment well above the national level AND cities literally stealing from their residents cannot see through to the real issues, they deserve a second round of that awful Jerry BrownHere is a brief interview with Allred doing her usual.


Does this:

have anything to do with this? :

If the media is not trustworthy and too liberal at the same time, it would logically follow that a large chunk of this country has become wary of liberalism.

Rahm Out

The worst kept secret in Washington is finally out, Rahm will be announcing his departure from the White House to run for mayor of Chicago. The mass run to the exit continues. How can the media narrative spin this one as an overall positive for the administration? I guess we will find out be continued.


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