Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Post Mortem on DE

First off wanted to highlight Yuval Levin's quick observations on The Corner at NRO. Yes it's more or less what I said last night but delivered much more succintly than I could. I also was in a discussion over Facebook with a center-left friend of mine who found O'Donnell to be distasteful due to her religious views, the masturbation thing, abstinence,etc. For the record I believe abstinence education should be a part of a kids sexual ed in school. Many districts have imposed it successfully without making it into some sort of religious issue. Look if we are gonna hand out condoms willy-nilly to 12 year old kids, shouldn't we also offer them the alternative side of it. You know, like telling them don't have sex until you are a little more mature. I know common sense generally doesn't have a place in the liberal agenda but I'm just saying. Anyways here were my thoughts to him on the primary and then I will be done talking about it....I hope:

It's just funny how taking something she said in 1996 is relevant but Obama's past associations with anti-American radicals is not. It's funny how her suing her former employer is relevant but Charlie Rangel, a freaking criminal, wins his Democratic primary by a 2 to 1 margin and we get nary a peep from MSNBC. It's funny how O'Donnell is all over the news but why is the media silent during the parade of people leaving O's economic team. Peter Orszag, Christina Romer anyone? All that being said, she is not an ideal candidate (due to the sideshow her career has been to this point, 2 electoral losses prior, the lawsuit,etc.) but not nearly the nutjob the frothing at the mouth liberal media (and some in the GOP establishment) have made her out to be. Mike Castle was a liberal and for all intents and purposes was a Democrat, a lot less ideal for the supposedly conservative GOP. This is why he lost and I'm totally OK with it, even if she doesn't win it's one less liberal pretending to be a Republican.


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