Thursday, September 30, 2010

More On Allred

I really do despise Gloria Allred. This whole Maidgate issue with Meg Whitman gets better every minute. How is it that she gets away with crap like this from the legal community, AND why does the media softball her at every turn. Much like the Hugh Hewitt interview I posted earlier she cannot answer straight questions, she just goes on and on about the fair treatment of illegals. And as usual Allred is a media whore capable of only realizing what is in it for her. She does expose her client to some serious legal ramifications. She is an illegal, has forged documents, and Ms. Allred could care less that exploiting this for political purposes could send this woman to jail and permanently damage her future attempt to become legal if she does decide to go that route. Pathetic, so thanks to Levin and Hewitt for working her over the coals.

Via Left Coast Rebel:

Mark Levin Guts, then Fillets, then Grills, Gloria Allred


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