Thursday, September 16, 2010

Man This Is Pathetic

In my movie trailer voiceover voice (just pretend, OK? sheesh)......From the people who brought you the critically acclaimed "Man Caused Disaster" and "Overseas Contingency" comes the latest suspense filled, action packed, political thriller....."Global Climate Disruption"

I guess since we know that global warming isn't actually occurring as severely as the enviro lobby wished, here comes this more generic term. While Al Gore laughs all the way to the bank with his carbon trading scheme, this administration seems to have hired every technocratic hack in America to further enrich the enviro kooks. I mean look the 'War On Terror' was not the greatest name as in it wasn't all that accurate. Tough to have a war on a tactic the enemy uses but everyone in the country knew what it meant because it was plain and straightforward. Once again the Left fighting the battle on 'common sense'.

This guy John Holdren fits right in with the Progressives surrounding this President. He's a throwback to the '20's-30's era of Progressives. You know, the ones who favored eugenics. More homework for any liberal readers I have, check out what your intellectual forefathers have wrought before just assuming modern liberalism has the purer motives than anything us classical liberals propose. In the 70's this guy wrote a book called Ecoscience, gripping stuff if you favor a single mother having their baby's seized from them against their will and given to other couples to raise. Or it's a quick read if you feel that sterilizing the population through poisoning our drinking water with infertility drugs will curb population growth and natural resource depletion. Yeah just give it a tumble, I'm sure you will enjoy its lighthearted nature. I'll take my right wingers who think masturbating is dirty over this truly demented crap.


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