Monday, September 13, 2010

Liberal Despair

Ah yes, the "country is just a bunch of irrational boobs" argument. Liberals are in a pit of despair and hopefully soon a pit of irrelevancy. They somehow see Obama as the "voice of reason incarnate". I am not sure how as the only one he seems to be making sense to these days is the ever shrinking hard Left of this country. Unfortunately for us the Progressive Left still controls the narrative in print and broadcast news media. No matter how many viewers O'Reilly, Hannity or anyone on Fox News gets it is still behind in raw numbers to the three major networks. Granted fewer and fewer people are getting their news from Katie Couric and the like, but why wait until 6:30pm to get your news when you can get it all day right here on the Internet. That network audience will only shrink more rapidly as the baby boom generation ages.

The story here as Ben Smith writes below is that in fact this "irrational doofus" (my term) string of logic will be the new Democrat Party strategy, and implemented by most "journalists". Do we see more public anger and distrust of government than ever before? Not really, it's always been the underlying fabric of this country. I just think in this day and age with the Internet and 24/7 media these things can organize very quickly. We know that as entrepreneurs and innovators this country has no peer. And why has that been the case? Largely due to the fact that for most of this country's existence we have allowed private individuals to control their own destiny to an extent and kept the hand of big government out of their way. All across Europe you see countries rejecting much of their Bismarckian ways. The excesses of government spending and deficit spending, which has been the canard of liberal Keynesian economics for as long as it has existed, has finally hit a breaking point with some in the Eurozone. But they are learning and clawing back to prosperity along the way. The weakness of the Euro due to the collapse of the free spending countries seems to be helping along too in an interesting paradox. The fact remains that center-right coalitions continue to govern most of these countries out of their slide. Save for the exceptions of Italy,Greece,Portugal and Spain (the so called PIGS) the trend continues to move to the right.

The liberals here should start asking themselves the question: Who ushered in this current climate of "irrationality"? Is it possible that people could have legitimate concerns over government metastasizing beyond control? Could it be that the majority of Americans feel the Progressive agenda is wrong for the country and it never will be right? Progressives' whole existence is driven by the fact that they know best. That the university professors and intellegentsia know what is best for the majority. They would love nothing more to centralize power in a strong Federal government to forever be able to drive that point home to irrational American idiot.

POLITICO: Liberal despair: Age of irrationality - Ben Smith - Liberal despair: Age of irrationality


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