Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inside Baseball (Updated)

That's generally the term you hear when either side is engaging in process shenanigans in the Senate. If you are unaware with the way both chambers do business, it is the Senate that is steeped in procedure. So here I present to you the Democrats' latest cynical ploy...putting the DREAM act and DADT repeal into a defense spending bill. If you really believed in the DREAM act Harry Reid wouldn't you have introduced this as a separate debate. It is one totally worth having by the way because there are portions of it that are acceptable to Republicans and Democrats. If Democrats were serious about illegal immigration reform you wouldn't cloak it in a defense appropriations bill.

Same thing with Don't Ask Don't Tell. What the repeal of this has anything to do with our soldiers getting funded is beyond me. Look there are legitimate arguments for the repeal of this but to send this defense bill to a cloture vote (which does not allow the minority party to petition for amendments) knowing damn well that it won't pass is purely a political play. One that is completely unnecessary at the cost of holding up funding for the troops. To me it is always telling how the Left/Democrats bring up these issues when desperate. Then they paint the Right as the ones who are out of step with the mainstream, thereby scoring them political points (which invariably they do only with their leftist base)...it's laughable. The issue of DADT to me is best handled, as Senator McCain has said, by the heads of the respective Armed Services. At the present time they are against the repeal of the policy so end of story. They would be the ones most qualified to comment on what holds morale and motivation amongst their troops. This cynical play by the Senate Democrats is pathetic and should be seen as obvious. If you really care about these issues debate them seriously, propose them on the floor not as extraneous amendments to a funding bill. They aren't serious of course, the only thing Reid is serious about is trying to fire up the far left to go out and vote in November.

In a somewhat related story, the remarks that Lady Gaga made in front of a rally yesterday were embarrassing. People who truly do care about this subject should be careful as to who they parade out to champion the cause. Her remarks set the movement back. By suggesting to expel the soldiers who are "homophobic" because they support DADT, really is not helpful or intelligent in the slightest. She is a fruitcake and I do hope her 15 minute clock is running.

UPDATE: Classic testy McCain/reporter exchange,haha

UPDATE Part 2: More detailed breakdown of the Democrats' lack of seriousness by RedState's Dan McLaughlin


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