Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Democrats Keeping It Classy

Seriously this post could be forty pages long if I went ahead and pieced together every hateful comment thrown at our last President but I am going to keep this current. Yesterday I posted Alan Grayson's (D-FL) new campaign ad, today we have this video from Ohio. It actually occurred a few days ago and I am a little late to posting it. I am putting it up because just wanted to start a discussion about this downward spiral of the Leftist wing of the Democrat Party. There are some who believe this in combination with Obama's continuing divisiveness will damage the Democrats for multiple election cycles. And that the President really only has two constituencies left in his corner. Then there are Democrats who think it possible to drive Republicans to minority on a permanent basis. I'll get back to that point later but without further ado the video I promised...

Anyone want to take my 3-2 odds that he is a union member? Seems typical of their tactics, instead of respectfully engaging the interloper (or better yet ignoring him altogether as it is his right to be there) the guy in the cheesy hat decides to commit simple assault with hot coffee. Look campaigns these days send their operatives out to videotape everything, in this day of YouTube a gaffe could be viral within hours. Just deal with it like a man.

Then you've got this race baiting Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) saying :

Yes the V.C. is out to get her. My goodness. At least she is getting called out for this by the usually-can't-be-bothered media. I'm left wondering, 'So what do all these outbursts have in common?' Is it they are finally realizing their days are numbered? Do they feel we still live in the pre-Internet days when liberals could get away with this type of commentary on a regular basis without recrimination? Or do they honestly believe this is the way to further an argument? Their angle is hard to discern but my belief is that it probably is a little bit of all those reasons. The rhetoric that Democrats have been using this cycle to disparage average Americans (embodied by the Tea Party and in recent polls about 24% of whom are registered Democrats) will haunt them not only this cycle but more than likely next. It looks as if the Tea Party movement is not going anywhere and will be holding accountable the members that they helped elect. So any notion that Democrats are poised for dominance as I noted before are slightly premature. I understand the argument that Dylan Loewe makes in his book (linked above) about demographics. The trend in demographics (specifically the millennial generation that overwhelmingly is socially liberal) move towards Democrats but since he is only about 28 years old he seems to forget (or is too young to recall) that this has been said about every youth movement. His key assumption is that the politics you have has a college student are permanently with you for life. You certainly forge some values in your youth that you hold dear but, as you become more engaged with the real world those things tend to shift. Obviously not for all but, he and other liberals are delusional if they think that generation remains about 68% Democratic. The argument for Democratic dominance can be a tempting one for them to make, increasing minority populations and the millennials help them make it. Their 'fatal conceit' (apologies to Hayek) is to assume the American people as a whole are unsophisticated and, will not develop thought outside of the liberal tropes handed to them through the education system. As the famous writer, essayist and journalist P.J. O'Rourke recently said, "...paying taxes make you a Republican, logic makes you libertarian, but children make you conservative"


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