Friday, September 24, 2010

Colbert? Really?

I noticed the other day that the Democrats that run the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration wanted to bring Stephen Colbert to testify. My first thought was, 'Isn't he a comedian?' and what exactly does he bring to the table to the very serious discussion of Immigration policy in this country. The news item noted that he would be appearing "in character", good grief. For those who do not know, he pretends to be this O'Reilly type TV commentator. His brand of satire is so obvious and not at all funny. I mean every joke is to point out that Republicans are racist, homophobic, and bigots. It isn't exactly Lenny Bruce groundbreaking comedy. Successful political satire and humor generally works when it comes from an unexpected angle (The Onion on it's good days, and to an extent Jon Stewart), not from a caricature. Intelligent people can basically tell the difference. Sadly people actually get their news from this man. Pathetic. So why bring him to Congress? Well Democrats to prove a point generally don't engage in issues or legitimate discussion, rather a stunt like this to try to make Republicans look goofy and stupid is the preferred method. Predictably it doesn't reflect well on the current Congressional leadership. We have serious issues, the House has yet to produce a budget and we get Colbert Report live from D.C?! It didn't start off well either when Rep. Conyers asked him to leave the room and just submit a statement. Maybe the smartest thing he has done in decades. What a sideshow...

Then it just got ugly after that. Thank God November 2 is only 39 days away. These libs and Democrats make me ill.


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