Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BREAKING: Hostage Situation at Discovery Channel Building

An armed male with demands and an apparent bomb, according to the local police, is holding numerous people hostage until he speaks with the head of Discovery Network. They are speculating that he has some sort of issue with the Network. Rumors of some sort of online manifesto are being reported. Reports keep streaming in. Below is a link to further info from LCR...

BREAKING: Hostage Situation at Discovery Channel Building, Silver Spring Maryland

UPDATE: They have identified the alleged hostage taker as some environut who has protested the network before. Here is some info and more. If you want to read his manifesto check it here. Holy Crap! What a big bag of crazy.


Free Market Economics Fan said...

He was inspired by Al Gore's an inconvenient Truth. This guys writings are typical of an environmental nut job. He wants all the people to die to make room for the animals and trees. CNN and MSNBC no doubt will skip the Al Gore connection.

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