Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Beck/Palin Obsession

I did want to talk about something else today. Well a couple of things actually but just wanted to put this out there. Let's discuss the continued Palin hardon that leftist bloggers/media have and their rage with Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin no longer holds any sort of office, Glenn Beck never has. So why the constant barrage of attack pieces? Why do I have to listen to halfwits like Ed Schultz obsess over Glenn Beck's audience, well I don't do I? Those who disagree have a choice, hey just turn the channel. Go flip to IFC or Planet Green, or whatever else brings you pleasure. Why is it that the Left can never argue on merits, on like ummm...actual policy positions. It is the weakest technique of arguing and it holds no water in formal logic. The ad hominem attacks of the Left are so tiresome but entertaining to me on some level because they do feel they are making good arguments. The constant drive to shut people on the Right down is counter to the First Amendment values they only pretend to believe in. Talk about the policies she advocates, not that she is some evil person, phony, wears expensive clothes, ad nausea. That is just noise, because by branding her a fringe wacko you somehow have discredited her message? Yeah nice try. This obsession sadly extends onto her family as well. Somehow Leftist politician kids are off limits yet hers are not? I do not care that they were at every campaign rally during 2008, that's the lamest excuse. As if no families have NEVER appeared on stage with the candidate. It's just an unreasonable double standard, but those things I am used to in the media. What I find distasteful is the type of vitriol sent Bristol Palin's way. She is a young woman trying to find her way in the world as a single mom (thought the Left loved that kind of crap....oh not when they disagree with the person's politics they don't) under constant scrutiny from a media looking to disparage.

As for Beck, I rarely watch the guy. I do appreciate his ideas and what he believes our priorities as a country should be, less government and more individual responsibility. I just am not a huge fan of the theatrics...the blackboard,etc. So I do not watch often. Those on the Left don't get him and that's fine. So why is the Left so obsessively watching Beck/Palin and paying so much attention to them? One word: Fear. That's right, they are scared that so many people listen to them and attend their gatherings debunking every Leftist myth with ever increasing effectiveness. That scares the crap out of them. The rise of the Conservative blogosphere, Fox News' continued ratings dominance, combined with people eschewing the mainstream media's narratives after they were bamboozled by the Obamamania media lovefest during 2008 has the Left fearing for their own relevance. Throw in the femenazis foaming at the mouth every time Palin opens hers and you have a full fledged Derangement Syndrome. So there's my two cents on that.


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