Sunday, September 26, 2010

Americans Are Stoopid

The effete Senator from Massachusetts illustrates why the electorate is fed up with these ruling class types of any political stripe. It also shows quite clearly why he lost the 2004 election. He's just another ├╝ber-rich limousine liberal, nothing he says here should be news to anyone who pays attention to the usual liberal tripe. Look, these types on either side of the aisle that do not get where the current atmosphere comes from, they are going to find themselves on the out.

Until they understand that Americans as a whole have had it with; 1) the ruling class spending us into unsustainable levels, 2) forcing government intervention into areas that were never intended by the founding principles and 3) that we have finally caught on to their crap while willing to do something about it....they will find the environment hostile to their usual lines of defense. So Senator Kerry thanks for making the target easy and clear for us. We appreciate it.

Via Boston Herald:
John Kerry: Democrats’ woes stem from uninformed voters


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