Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9/11 Gainesville,FL Koran Burning

I really do not see how this helps, but happy that most people seem to be disgusted about it. Once again proving we aren't the knuckledragging bigots some people think this country is. Maybe someone can explain to me why it is necessary to burn any religion's book. I understand that we are always presented with images of burning American flags, effigies of Presidents, and chants of "Death To America!" from numerous cities around the world. The thought of making a similar statement in the United States to radical Islam by burning the Koran seems incongruous to our values. We value religious freedom, they do not. We value political speech, they only value hate. As Osama Bin Laden once said "The U.S loves life, we love death". Burning a Koran is beneath us on many levels and I do hope this Pastor reconsiders.

Having it on 9/11 also defiles the memory of what really happened that day. We were attacked by people espousing a certain malignant ideology, and innocent Americans died and a country scarred forever. What Terry Jones should be doing is educating his people on what is contained in that book he so desperately wants to burn. Having people understand true radical Islamism and its very real threat is the best way to combat it. He should have his followers read people like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser or have them watch the following hour long documentary to truly get a grip of the enemy we have to fight.


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