Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yep, People Are Still Trying To Kill Us

I would have written about this yesterday but we had technical difficulties for over five hours yesterday. An inconvenient day all around the Jersey Shore.

Anyways, seeing this story raised some eyebrows with me even if it apparently didn't do the same to some TSA agents. Now look I am not going to disparage the screeners that work at TSA, tough job dealing with cranky and mostly rude travellers. BUT sometimes I get the feeling that they are not on the same planet we are. Never mind the errors all over the no-fly list, that's bureaucracy at its finest. These Pepto would-be bombers set off more internal caution alarms than I thought possible. As Phineas over at Sister Toldjah put it:
"So, what did they need to actually stop him? An autographed photo of Osama bin Laden and travel brochures for Waziristan?"
What is disturbing about this story, is that apparently they really didn't break any laws. It is not against the law to tape a cell phone to a bottle of Pepto-Bismol®. It seems to be a dry run of "what can we get away with", in order to make terror more effective. It is actually smart and it also shows that they are still fairly organized and funded. Who knows how many more of these dry runs are being performed across the country at any given time. It also illustrates our biggest weakness in airport security, not profiling behavior. One only needs to look at how Ben Gurion Airport in Israel handles security to find the ideal. Now does this country need that level? Not sure, but it wouldn't hurt to lean more towards that course of action.


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