Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Trip In My Hot Tub Time Machine

First off we have this:

Yeah and this...

OK you get the picture he hates the surge, blames Bush for poor war execution, etc. What is so crazy about this? Everyone knows these were his stated positions going into the election of 2008. Well it is slowly boiling me up because he now wants to take credit for recent withdrawal of combat troops. Two things 'dear leader', first this withdrawal was setup by your predecessor, secondly it was only able to be negotiated because the surge you so excoriated as a failure actually succeeded, which thankfully you finally admitted. Mission Accomplished? The hope that this kind of whitewashing of history will occur is unlikely in this day of YouTube and blogs. So in short, I am more than happy that we are slowly drawing down in Iraq. BUT the biggest job still is in front, they have a nascent political system that needs America's diplomatic engagement. Yet what we have is a President who is completely removed from that process. Iraq may be viewed as a success through the prism of history one day, to no thanks from our current President.


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