Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Pelosi,et al. have been called back from recess to pass this blatant payoff to the teachers' unions at the expense of $12 billion in food stamps benefits...so much for bleating heart liberals. Why couldn't they pay for this stupidity out of the unused stimulus funds, you know because so far the funds have really gone to good use. Well that wouldn't make much sense, let's just draw on the greatest credit card that is already $14 trillion in the hole.

The usefulness of unions has long passed. Democrats need to make these payoffs because without unions they lose the greatest 'get out the vote' apparatus any party has ever known. The reason so many of these teachers face getting the axe is because in many states the teachers unions do not know the word "concession". They think they can draw on their local taxpayers until infinity. They think that paying nothing into their benefits on the backs of taxpayers is ok. I for one am thankful to have a governor that has faced down these criminals and told them, "Enough is enough".


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