Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ohio Democrats Hit New Lows

I recently have mentioned the murky prospects that the Democrats have of retaining power in the House. What I have not spoke about is the complete flip in statehouses that is likely. According to the RCP averages after November you could have as many as 35 Republican governors. That's right, 35 out of 57! Which is very important in a year ending in zero, redistricting after the census is under the aegis of each state legislature. So it's no surprise they are coming out swinging in the very tight Governor's race in Ohio. The problem is they are coming out with something that was discredited already months ago. As Erick Erickson over at Red State wrote some months ago, there is no "there" there. Secondly by attacking a worthwhile charity that assists our military families shows how truly despicable the Left is and typical of how they operate. The woman who originally raised the questions of the Freedom Alliance and Sean Hannity's involvement has been proven to live in a world where most of us do not reside. Where everyone is anti-Semitic and we all have some sort of sympathies for Islamofascists. People on the right and left have dismissed her for some time now, she calls herself Conservative but I am not sure what her philosophical leanings are. She is an angry woman who seems to have some sort of petty jealousy with successful Conservatives. I will not link to her here on sheer principle and she has been known to cyberstalk...haha. You can figure out who it is by clicking through some of the links in this story. I will give you two hints, I appeared on the same shovio.com show as her on June 10th of this year and her name rhymes with Mebbie Shoesell.


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