Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leftists going over the deep end in 3....2..

(as always love the comments from the ThinkProgress morons)

Breaking story about Ken Mehlman, even though it was more or less an open secret in Washington for a while. And of course the gays on the left are angered. It's amazing how someone has to follow your identity group's supposed political leanings to the letter in order to be "accepted". The same goes with African-American conservatives, the energy spent on calling them Uncle Toms or race traitors is shameful if we are truly to judge a man by his character not by his presupposed "identity". Disgusting. I mean god forbid the timing of some guy's personal struggle with his sexuality didn't perfectly coincide with your freaking agenda. Sure hope that everyone right and left gives the guy a break because honestly most of us could give a crap about Ken's personal life. By the way Jim Geraghty's tweet shortly thereafter had it perfect.


Modern Patriot said...

Well once we throw the left out we can get down to the business of correcting the many messes this administration and congress have made.

There is a new book, a parody of Obama and the dems and is going to be a must have this election season. Check it out here.

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