Friday, August 27, 2010

In Case You Were In Martha's Vineyahd For The Last Month

It is Friday in August, and in the spirit of the President playing his 48th round of golf yesterday I also will be mailing it in today. Today is 'links' day....get it? links? golf? I crack myself up....anyways I have scoured Al Gore's Internet for the best stories, so enjoy...

Hey everyone,Welcome To The Recovery Summer Tour '10!!! :,0,4011261.story

Seriously WTF is this Justice Department doing? Holder and his crew are an embarrassment:

Shock Poll!!!

Nice to see a formerly solid blue state start to figure out that one party liberal rule for a generation is not a good thing. Michigan was in a one state recession for over a decade (when the rest of us were enjoying relative little unemployment this state has refused to evolve) and Granholm will be leaving with lower approval ratings than George W. Bush. To prove how clueless and insular NYC liberals are, I overheard this a couple of weeks ago (won't name names)..."Granholm is the hottest governor...besides her looks she really has turn it around there"....huh? I clearly ignored this stupidity as not to engage in lunacy:

The more press he gets, the more it legitimizes his approach. The approach that it is OK to talk to your constituents like an adult and be honest with them. I heart Christie:

Random observations from the blogosphere:

Jen Rubin

Reid Wilson
I expect this piece will be what Democrats continue to hold their hats on the closer we get to November.

Well that's about it hope everyone enjoys their Friday and weekend.

P.S. In honor of the recently deceased (man you are getting old when all the artists of your youth start dropping dead of natural causes) Michael Been of The Call:


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