Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque

Hands down the best and most comprehensive breakdown of the argument over the GZ Mosque by Dan McLaughlin over at Red State. On point and touches all angles, a must read! To me and the rest of us that oppose the mosque it really is a moral question, not so much do they have a right to build whatever they want there. When you look at all of the issues surrounding the project and the Imam directing it, there is no moral dilemma. The answer is clear, build it somewhere else or don't build it at all.

The Ground Zero Mosque and The Obama Administration RedState


THE KRIS said...

much like it doesn't respect people's moral objections to guns or white supremacist groups, i doubt that the constitution cares about your moral objection to a mosque.

Ocho said...

The point is not whether the Constitution cares. Did you read Dan's post? Money. That is the debate we are discussing and my conclusion is that in the spirit of "understanding" and "building bridges" this shady group should just find another spot. That part of New York is very raw for most of us and a multitude of questions have not been answered sufficiently. I and people on the right are not looking for the government to interfere but our leaders to lead and actually make a statement that is morally clear. Not like this clown, Mayor Nanny Bloomberg. As always thanks for the comment and debate.

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