Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bush's Rorschach Moment?

Via Moe Lane

I linked to a similar article yesterday. I agree with Moe for the same reasons. Karma is a bitch and those on the Left have reaped what they sowed. I never did see the movie referenced in his post, but the clip makes sense in context. I also believe that this nostalgia is convenient and they will get back to pillorying the man soon enough. Agree or disagree (and I did on multiple fronts) with the previous President you treat the man with respect. The crap that we had to watch for most of the previous eight years was shameful. That goes for Obama as well, I can have policy and political disagreements with the man but I will not engage in any of the birther nonsense, and neither will the majority of conservatives. If you want that go read WND.

Bush's Rorschach moment?

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