Monday, July 12, 2010

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

In this space and in personal conversations I have hoped that the Republican Party or at least some ranking member would start to step up for some sort of legislative agenda. Being the Anti-Pelosi can only take you so far. Discussing how every plan the Democrats bring forward is just Euro style big government social democracy can only pique the interest of so many. You need a plan yourself to counterbalance. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) has such a plan. I have praised him here during the health care debate and his speech the night the vote went through made the rounds in the few days following and got him some attention. I referenced it in a prior blog post here. He is a rising thinker on the right and I just hope he sticks to these ideas, we are going to be faced with some painful decisions in the future as some states (i.e. New Jersey, California, New York, etc.) are facing now, and we will need to have strong principled legislative leadership in Washington (paradox if i ever heard one) going forward to escape the morass we are surely headed to.

Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan's Road Map Washington Examiner


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