Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Sure What To Make Of This

Read about this interesting result in the SC primary election yesterday : S.C. Senate Candidate Reportedly Faces Charge of Showing Obscene Photos to College Student

Set aside his potential to be in jail soon, he has neither entered a plea nor been indicted so innocent until proven guilty applies here. The grander questions could be two fold, are South Carolina Democratic party voters as dumb as a DNC operative alludes to with the speculation that he was first alphabetically and people just picked him for that reason? Or is it as I like to see it, man comes home from many years in the service, cannot find employment and gets inspired to run for public office. Is that too Pollyanna? I reject the idea put forth in the article about him being a Republican plant. That's just an offhand conspiracy theory as anyone with a political pulse knows that this is Jim DeMint's seat they are talking about, and he will win by around 20 points against anyone they put up there. The Republicans don't need a plant there to create a difficult primary for Rawl. In any case if he doesnt get sent off to the big house I will be looking forward to him debating DeMint...should be um, entertaining.


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