Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Called 'Class'

As a conservative I had many issues with some of the policies put forth by Bush 43 and I may outline them one day, but at the same time found him to be an honorable and straightforward man. The media and libs all across the world have translated that to mean "stupidity" and "simpleton" (although I can count numerous verbal gaffes and "uhhhhhs" from our current President's speeches). You know, because they are all so much smarter than you or I. He recently made some comments that I thought should be highlighted since it is in stark contrast to the pettiness and 24/7 politicization that this current White House engages in. I believe in the grand scheme of things history will be kinder to Bush than people think. While some of his domestic policy initiatives leave little to be desired, his foreign policy and response to the greatest modern threat to Western Civilization, Islamofascism (or perpetrators of "man caused disasters" if you work for Obama) will be understood as a turning point in isolating and then crushing this ideology. Anyways here is what he said to the Economic Club of Grand Rapids :

But he also made it clear he would leave political potshots at President Barack Obama to others, saying: "You are not going to see me in the public square criticizing the president."

"I didn't like it when a certain former president made my life miserable," he said, a reference to former President Jimmy Carter and his frequent criticisms of Bush.

Well George I would have to say you really should not have worried about what a hack like Jimmy Carter had to say, even if his constant criticizing of you won him a Nobel Peace Prize. He is still stinging from possibly being the worst President outside of Andrew Johnson (our 17th President was a disaster). Presidents should have an image of being above the daily machinations of partisanship and all that nonsense, they are President of ALL the people. President Obama would do well by learning some of the things that have elevated our Presidents,instead of imitating the actions of some who have dragged the office down with it.


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