Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Blueprint

When I or anyone who opposes the Obama agenda is questioned, they always ask "Well genius how do you suppose we fix it?" (well that comes second actually, first they imply that we are racist). I do not pretend to have ALL the answers but I do know if a building that I lit with matches and gasoline is on fire and someone wants me to put it out, I certainly don't use those same two ingredients I started it with. The liberal policies of bowing to the unions, "fee"-ing us into oblivion (and I do not mean federal income taxes whose rates have actually been on the decline thanks to some smart Washington politics), and  "unprecedented" borrowing have created a nexus of financial calamity. Outside of the eight years under Reagan the last fifty plus years have seen the increase of all of those activities, and at what cost. Do we see what over a century of these policies have done to Europe over the last few months? Or has the American liberal canard of "Don't worry we can do it better and we won't have those problems here" outlived its usefulness? Well I sure hope so, as we see our economy stagnate, a President seemingly teetering on the edge of irrelevancy just seventeen months into his term and the overall rejection of his philosophy we may just be reaching a day of reckoning.

This is good in a multitude of ways. The abject failure of the almost 1 trillion dollar stimulus package coupled with Obama's backroom deals to get the healthcare bill passed has exposed him to the rest of the American people to be what most of us knew him to be. A stiff ideologue with only a passing rhetorical interest in the American traditions and institutions that have made us the shining light of freedom and liberty in an ugly world. He and his party will pay for such beliefs at the ballot come November, it's too bad that the Republican Party is equally inept at certain things or otherwise it would be a total sweep of both houses.

But back to the day of reckoning I mentioned, I use that term since it struck me that New Jersey's governor Chris Christie used it to describe where we are as a state and to a larger extent where our nation is as well. I included the six and half minute long remarks he made to open a town hall meeting yesterday. Notice, no teleprompter, no notes, just true belief in something we as conservatives know is historical fact. Not up for interpretation. When it is in your heart, the words just come out in a clear and concise non obfuscating manner. You want to disagree on the manner of how to execute the ideas of the Constitution, which is what the two parties used to do, that's fine. But when you want to actually execute the Constitution, which is what the modern Democratic Party would like, then you will see principled opposition.

May Governor Christie stay strong to these principles to guide this state back from the pit that Corzine and McGreevey created over the last decade. If it works, and I suspect it will, these types of ideas will be the blueprint to defeat "hope and change" in 2012.


THE KRIS said...

RE:glenn beck saying the president looked like a punk.

you don't call the president a punk. any president. ever.

i for one don't see racism here, just gb being an ass. as usual.

Ocho said...

no doubt and I don't necessary agree with most of Glenn Beck's histrionics. BUT the word punk, really? You're offended by that? And your memory of the invective thrown at W the last eight years? If you were speaking out about that then I will let it slide. Look i think it is ALL a distraction from the real issues. I believe i had a post dedicated to that a couple of months ago...i'll repost if i can remember what it was titled :)

THE KRIS said...

I wouldn't say I'm offended by the word, more the attitude, no matter who the president is. Sure, I thought the last president was a buffoon, but I would never say so publicly. Which is to say that nobody cares or listens to what I say, but God help us, they DO care what GB says. Go ahead and blast the guy on policy, but I think it does the nation a disservice to make comments like that about Obama, Bush, Filmore... whoever is unlucky enough to land in the oval office. It seems clear that the object is to divide and say, "these people aren't like you, they are bad." I honestly believe that Bush deeply cares for this country and wants what is best for it... I just disagree with what that is.

Having said that... of course it's a distraction, but so is this NASA thing. People on TV jump on anything that points in the direction they want to go. If you like Obama, you yell about Beck, if you don't like him, you yell about NASA.

Oh, and I totally agree that Strom and Byrd were pretty much the same guy... if you can't support one, then you shouldn't be able to support the other.

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