Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trent Lott…er…Kay Hagan must go. | RedState

Effing hilarious, I mean it isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff that the media completely whitewashed Byrd’s background when he passed as opposed to the way they covered Strom Thurmond…um essentially the same guy and career except Strom had (R-SC) after his name and was NOT in the KKK. The fact that Kay Hagan can get away with praising him while Trent Lott loses his job for giving tribute to Thurmond is a Joke with a capital J....moral relativism at it's finest.

Big time H/T to Red State

Trent Lott…er…Kay Hagan must go. RedState

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Good News

Well it seems that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed the 2nd Amendment today and that is always a good sign when the Court follows the law and does not reinvent it as so many progressives would like. Progressives, and their lack of respect for the founding principles disturb me so. I have to give a H/T out to Chicks on The Right for the following video. I do listen to Mr. Prager's radio show here in the NY market occasionally, he is on the same time as Rush and I alternate when possible. While this video has nothing to do with today's high court decision it just solidifies what is important and what is at stake this November in the majority's attempt to take back their country from progressive ideologues. Thank you Dennis and other sane radio and TV voices for continuing the fight for Constitutional clarity and American Exceptionalism.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We're All Racists Now...

Between seeing this,and just about every liberal talking head go on the offensive against Obama it is becoming apparent. They complain and oppose his policies because deep down it is racism....well according to their own definition. Sucks being called that doesn't it, you blue stated liberal rednecks :)

We’re All Racists Now!: Jon Stewart Mercilessly Ridicules Obama

What Passes For "Intellectual"?

The fact that shows like Joy Behar and Ed Schultz are on TV (although no one is watching) is actually quite humorous because we see what passes for analysis on the Left.....a tool like Garofalo.

Behar Panel Sees 'Bush-Like' and 'Corporatist' Obama, Garofalo Slams 'Anti-Intellectual' Prayer

Oh My..

Some time last week I opined about the whole Alvin Greene story in South Carolina. You know the improbable Democratic U.S. Senate candidate. I really did not know what to make of it, I still really don't but it seems the DNC is kind of pissed that this guy won. A guy, who by all accounts did not campaign, did not spend a single dollar on even lawn signs somehow won his party's nomination with about 60% of the vote. I happened to listen to an interview Mr. Greene gave to Mark Levin on his radio show, and let me tell you I was surprised at how little this guy knew about anything regarding his Senate contest. He is by no means a dummy, he graduated from the Univ of South Carolina and served thirteen years in the military (although the circumstances of his discharge are not clear). He was clearly reading off a piece of paper and if Mark asked him any issues based question he just gave the same stock answer, it was almost like hearing Drew Rosenhaus on TO's lawn a few years back. Then I saw a post today on Red State (for you lefties, I read it so you don't have to) by Erick Erickson that sheds a little more light on the subject and how the Democratic Party is going to combat this. Strange things are afoot in South Carolina....
Stuff like this is probably why Alvin Greene is the Democrats’ Senate candidate in South Carolina.

Greene, a man with no home, no money, and no job, beat the Democrats’ hand picked candidate for the right to lose to Jim DeMint in South Carolina. The Democrats are pounding their fists on the table claiming it was a dirty trick.

This is an intentional distraction. Why is it a distraction? Because otherwise the media would be pointing out that a man who spent no money at all and had zero name recognition beat the Democrats’ chosen candidate. That would mean (1) the Democrats’ chosen candidate truly sucked or (2) Democrats in South Carolina are genuinely stupid.

Behold the healing power of “and”.

Proving it is both, the Democrats are set to run a candidate against Alvin Greene as an independent. Who did they pick? Linda Ketner.
If the name sounds familiar it is because Ketner ran against Congressman Henry Brown in 2008. Ketner is a lesbian, which is largely inconsequential, except that added to it she openly hates Christians because of Biblical teachings against homosexuality that non-Christ following preachers tend to avoid or lie about. In the South, however, its readily discussed except among Episcopalians.

So instead of going with the black man who the Democratic voters of South Carolina picked to go against DeMint, the Democrats will fall back on the Christian hating lesbian voters have already rejected at the ballot in one of South Carolina’s congressional districts.

Maybe they should just give up

Erick I would tend to agree with you, giving up may be their best option. Why would they pour money down a sinkhole? This is a seat that Jim DeMint wins handily even against a decent candidate. I just don't get what they are trying to prove by getting involved. The people spoke, they didn't like it, big whoop...time to move on South Carolina Democrats.


These two articles show the rampant disconnect of this White House from what is actually going on with job creation (or lack thereof) in this nation:

"Recovery Summer Tour '10"

Jobless Benefit Claims Rise

As usual, he and VP Joe "Hair Plugs" Biden out on the stump touting the phantom recovery in the craptastic stimulus package. They sure spend an awful lot of time trying to convince us it worked.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Blueprint

When I or anyone who opposes the Obama agenda is questioned, they always ask "Well genius how do you suppose we fix it?" (well that comes second actually, first they imply that we are racist). I do not pretend to have ALL the answers but I do know if a building that I lit with matches and gasoline is on fire and someone wants me to put it out, I certainly don't use those same two ingredients I started it with. The liberal policies of bowing to the unions, "fee"-ing us into oblivion (and I do not mean federal income taxes whose rates have actually been on the decline thanks to some smart Washington politics), and  "unprecedented" borrowing have created a nexus of financial calamity. Outside of the eight years under Reagan the last fifty plus years have seen the increase of all of those activities, and at what cost. Do we see what over a century of these policies have done to Europe over the last few months? Or has the American liberal canard of "Don't worry we can do it better and we won't have those problems here" outlived its usefulness? Well I sure hope so, as we see our economy stagnate, a President seemingly teetering on the edge of irrelevancy just seventeen months into his term and the overall rejection of his philosophy we may just be reaching a day of reckoning.

This is good in a multitude of ways. The abject failure of the almost 1 trillion dollar stimulus package coupled with Obama's backroom deals to get the healthcare bill passed has exposed him to the rest of the American people to be what most of us knew him to be. A stiff ideologue with only a passing rhetorical interest in the American traditions and institutions that have made us the shining light of freedom and liberty in an ugly world. He and his party will pay for such beliefs at the ballot come November, it's too bad that the Republican Party is equally inept at certain things or otherwise it would be a total sweep of both houses.

But back to the day of reckoning I mentioned, I use that term since it struck me that New Jersey's governor Chris Christie used it to describe where we are as a state and to a larger extent where our nation is as well. I included the six and half minute long remarks he made to open a town hall meeting yesterday. Notice, no teleprompter, no notes, just true belief in something we as conservatives know is historical fact. Not up for interpretation. When it is in your heart, the words just come out in a clear and concise non obfuscating manner. You want to disagree on the manner of how to execute the ideas of the Constitution, which is what the two parties used to do, that's fine. But when you want to actually execute the Constitution, which is what the modern Democratic Party would like, then you will see principled opposition.

May Governor Christie stay strong to these principles to guide this state back from the pit that Corzine and McGreevey created over the last decade. If it works, and I suspect it will, these types of ideas will be the blueprint to defeat "hope and change" in 2012.

As B.B. King Once Sang...

..."The thrill is gone".

RealClearPolitics - Video - MSNBC Trashes Obama's Address: Compared To Carter, "I Don't Sense Executive Command"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Sure What To Make Of This

Read about this interesting result in the SC primary election yesterday : S.C. Senate Candidate Reportedly Faces Charge of Showing Obscene Photos to College Student

Set aside his potential to be in jail soon, he has neither entered a plea nor been indicted so innocent until proven guilty applies here. The grander questions could be two fold, are South Carolina Democratic party voters as dumb as a DNC operative alludes to with the speculation that he was first alphabetically and people just picked him for that reason? Or is it as I like to see it, man comes home from many years in the service, cannot find employment and gets inspired to run for public office. Is that too Pollyanna? I reject the idea put forth in the article about him being a Republican plant. That's just an offhand conspiracy theory as anyone with a political pulse knows that this is Jim DeMint's seat they are talking about, and he will win by around 20 points against anyone they put up there. The Republicans don't need a plant there to create a difficult primary for Rawl. In any case if he doesnt get sent off to the big house I will be looking forward to him debating DeMint...should be um, entertaining.

Hispanics flee Arizona ahead of immigration law -

Hispanics flee Arizona ahead of immigration law -
Juan Carlos Cruz, an illegal immigrant who has worked in plant nurseries for 20 years..."If I were alone, I'd try to stay. But I have a family, and I have to find a place where we can live with more freedom," said Cruz, who hopes to move July 4 to blend in with holiday weekend traffic. "This is getting too hard."

Hey looks like the law is working to perfection. I do love how USA Today tries to paint a sympathetic picture of people breaking the law. Juan Carlos wants more freedom, huh? How about this Juan, you have been here for 20 years sponging off the legal residents of Arizona, go get yourself on the path to citizenship. Is it a hassle to get such designation? Of course it is, it should be and you've had plenty of time. They want all the privileges of citizenship (except paying taxes) but none of the effort to get there? These types of immigrants make me ill to my stomach. Juan I will volunteer to 'coyote' your ass back to Mexico over the Arizona border myself. I even speak the language...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Government To Save EVERY Industry?

Another reason TARP under Bush was a bad idea. Every freaking scheme to inject government now has some sort of political cover, and isn't this what all good leftists in Congress and the White House want? If they have their way bloggers and anyone else disseminating news and commentary via the Internet will be under some sort of tax. Every thing I link to in my posts, every thing Drudge or other aggregators link to will now cost a fee? These people are out of control. We need to take the control back this November or we are screwed. Another two years of this and most definitely they will get most of their way. The more these guys open their mouth, the more I feel like I am in George Orwell's 1984.

EDITORIAL: FTC floats Drudge tax - Washington Times

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Called 'Class'

As a conservative I had many issues with some of the policies put forth by Bush 43 and I may outline them one day, but at the same time found him to be an honorable and straightforward man. The media and libs all across the world have translated that to mean "stupidity" and "simpleton" (although I can count numerous verbal gaffes and "uhhhhhs" from our current President's speeches). You know, because they are all so much smarter than you or I. He recently made some comments that I thought should be highlighted since it is in stark contrast to the pettiness and 24/7 politicization that this current White House engages in. I believe in the grand scheme of things history will be kinder to Bush than people think. While some of his domestic policy initiatives leave little to be desired, his foreign policy and response to the greatest modern threat to Western Civilization, Islamofascism (or perpetrators of "man caused disasters" if you work for Obama) will be understood as a turning point in isolating and then crushing this ideology. Anyways here is what he said to the Economic Club of Grand Rapids :

But he also made it clear he would leave political potshots at President Barack Obama to others, saying: "You are not going to see me in the public square criticizing the president."

"I didn't like it when a certain former president made my life miserable," he said, a reference to former President Jimmy Carter and his frequent criticisms of Bush.

Well George I would have to say you really should not have worried about what a hack like Jimmy Carter had to say, even if his constant criticizing of you won him a Nobel Peace Prize. He is still stinging from possibly being the worst President outside of Andrew Johnson (our 17th President was a disaster). Presidents should have an image of being above the daily machinations of partisanship and all that nonsense, they are President of ALL the people. President Obama would do well by learning some of the things that have elevated our Presidents,instead of imitating the actions of some who have dragged the office down with it.