Friday, May 7, 2010

Seis De Mayo

At first glance this story about the kids in California getting sent home for wearing American flag t-shirts reeked of political correctness. And why yes it is the reason the school reacted the way they did, it is not the reason 200 Mexican-American kids walked out of class in protest on the 6th of May. What is their motivation, you ask? Here is where the causality of years of political correctness and the liberal way of dividing us into identity groups reaches a nexus.

Imagine if you will, you are taught that you are a hyphenate first and an American second. Well that is what liberalism passes down through our kids in history and civics classes all across this country in the public school system. They teach ultimately that every group at some point has been a victim to America and our progress as a country, so therefore we are "less" of a Nation. I have read a lot of history and I can honestly tell you there are two and only two that have a legitimate claim to that status. That would be the Native Americans who experienced the European push on multiple fronts (Spaniards, French and English all taking claims), and the African slaves. The African slaves, while they were sold-out by their own people in Africa for money, does not excuse this country's participation in such. Even with those pockmarks on our history, not many societies while oppressing a certain group eventually welcome that group in the ultimate progression of that society. You can certainly make an argument for women but that is a whole other topic, gender equality. Let's stick to the scope of one discussion for this post :)

Eventually slaves were freed, hell this country went to war over that fact. That in and of itself proves the type of American Exceptionalism that is so lost on modern liberals/progressives. The Romans would have never gone to war over their slaves or any European society for that matter, the fact that a good chunk of this country saw it as morally wrong and willing to die over it shows the true nature of our Republic. Without the words "all men are created equal" ingrained in our DNA, that fight would have never come to pass. And it was a fight that the framers knew would come to light at some time in our history. One only needs to read the words of Abraham Lincoln's Cooper Union speech to illustrate that to you.

So what does all this have to do with a bunch of stupid kids in California? Well as a first generation American I was instilled with a grander embrace of all that is this country, warts and all. My parents escaped tyranny and oppression themselves to come here, not Spain and not France. Both countries that my family has some blood (the French is minuscule by the way, thank God....i kid) ties to. These little punk Mexican-Americans have been taught that trashing America is cool, assimilation is not necessary. Liberals in this country through their policies of affirmative action have all but eliminated any incentive to consider yourself an American first. There isn't even an option for that when you get a form. These kids, to get "respect" as they say, stood up and walked out on class. First off, high school is where you learn (or at least attempt to) wanna be all protesty go to college and do it on your own time. It disrupts the day for the rest of the kids who are all there on some taxpayer's dime. Secondly, what is this idea of "respect" anyways? You are an American why are you offended that kids wore American flags? Adding insult to injury, I would venture to guess that most of these kids were born here anyways.What the hell are they so angry about? Kids wore a t-shirt with a flag of the country you live in and provides you the freedom to go to school and learn something (or at least attempt to). I once again guarantee that if one of these vatos walked into class, with a t-shirt, with a Mexican flag on it, they wouldn't get sent home.

Look I am not advocating that us as melting pot Americans forget our heritage or where we come from, quite the opposite. Embrace your cultural heritage, love where you come from but ultimately you are now an American. Whether it is by birthright as I am, or naturalized like my parents our allegiance and our respect goes to America first. My family, as many others, would not exist if not for the greatness and yes exceptionalism of this country. So bottom line, the irony is these are exactly the types of kids that should be embracing their freedom and this country, not stifling others and wanting "respect". We have lost that though in this culture of identity politics. There is no individualism, there is no exceptionalism. You are just lumped into some group that was wronged at one time or another. Just get angry, boycott something and offer nothing to this culture but angst.


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