Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off Topic

The topic: Music of twenty years ago. Sitting in a bar last night after my softball game I heard a song that reminded me of first year in college,which after further review was actually released 19 years ago but I digress. So I went poking around the Interweb looking for the Top Billboard hits of 1990 (which really is 20 years ago) and my senility really set in, I completely forget the existence of almost half of the songs and corresponding artist. Is my memory that poor? Or more accurately is it a reflection of the disposable nature of some music? Anyways I'll list the top ten here and link to the final ninety. If anything it will jog some memories for ya...

01. Hold On » Wilson Phillips
02. It Must Have Been Love » Roxette
03. Nothing Compares 2 U » Sinead O'Connor
04. Poison » Bell Biv Devoe
05. Vogue » Madonna
06. Vision Of Love » Mariah Carey
07. Another Day In Paradise » Phil Collins
08. Hold On » En Vogue
09. Cradle Of Love » Billy Idol
10. Blaze Of Glory » Jon Bon Jovi

The other 90


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