Friday, May 7, 2010

Breaking Down The Uni-Brow Bomber

That would be Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square terrorist. Where to begin really. First you have the cacophony of idiots who immediately wanted to insist it was a "lone wolf" attack before they even had any information. I include our Homeland Security chief Janet "Butch" Napolitano, Mayor Mike "I Want to be Mayor In Perpetuity" Bloomberg, and Sen. Chuck "Gillibrand Is My Puppet" Schumer in this group. They all were quick to say it was a one off. Why is Islamic terrorism so inconvenient for these people? Ever since this administration reared its ugly head, the War on Terror is so retro....its soooo Bush. Terrorism is a distraction to the Obamabots, it takes away from the domestic agenda they are so invested in. Never mind that these people want to kill us or that once again we got lucky. They are wholly disinterested in the exercise. Witness Baghdad Bob Gibbs explaining the incident to the press: “I would say that was intended to terrorize, and I would say that whomever did that would be characterized as a terrorist.” Was it too freaking hard to say "Shahzad is a terrorist engaging in terror"?

Let me continue on the lack of seriousness for a second. As more things are found out about this man and from what he is saying, this administration cannot connect dots. This excerpted from AJ Strata at Strata-Sphere:
As we learn more and more about Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square Bomber who is also a naturalized American citizen, we also are seeing signs that something is going horribly wrong inside the classified halls of the Obama administration's war on terrorists. As I noted in previous posts, news reports that emerged since the Ft. Hood bombing and Christmas Day bombing attempt late last year show a pattern that indicates AG Holder (presumably with the backing of the President) began to roll back surveillance of suspects with potential terrorist ties. It was part and parcel of the debate to close GITMO and focus our national security efforts only on certain regions and people with established ties to terrorist groups. New leads were to be treated differently, and Bush era investigations were to be shut down. . . . The nexus of the last three attacks (Ft Hood, Christmas Day bomber and now Times Square bomber) appears to be American citizen turned traitor Anwar al Aulaqi. As the NY Times notes today, he is the common 'red dot' connecting all three incidents. . . . What is stunning about this whole story is how apparently the surveillance of people tied to al Aulaqi were shut down last year. To me that indicates it was really the monitoring of al Aulaqi that was shut down, causing a cascade of blindness related to anyone (like Major Hasan) tied to him. This affected surveillance actions and investigations initiated during the Bush administration and apparently active when team Obama took office. It was a horrible blunder which we know killed 14 people at Ft Hood and injured dozens of others.

So I get back to my original observation what is it that makes these Islamists so inconvenient. Oh maybe because they AREN'T some lone wolf white guy mad at health care? That would be easy then, they could just blame Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. Or if it was just one guy they could treat it as a criminal enterprise and wouldn't Attorney General Holder just love that. For more on this check out Mark Steyn's post at NRO Corner. In his humorous way quickly dressing down the situation.

UPDATE (5/8): Follow up, interesting Bret Baier interview on radio the other day regarding this topic and of course Baghdad Bob Gibbs' latest diatribe against Fox News:


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