Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I Read HuffPo

Two reasons really, one is to read the occasionally well articulated liberal schtick, but mostly it is for the reams of unintentional comedy found over there. They have that schmuck actor who was on Wings (and nothing else), Steven Weber contribute. Now I am not sure of his education background but his writings evoke maybe 6th grade level at best. I have never seen so many incomplete thoughts in a short column. All joking aside, how do you have a conversation or debate on real issues when you get THIS constantly from the other side: the leftists "go-to" move in an argument....the race card:
Even after realizing that Obama, master of many things they aren't, is also demonstrating a centrist rather than a dreaded leftist approach to governance, in many ways incorporating aspects which they themselves have favored in the past, to put forward his workable agenda as opposed to the armageddon/fascist/socialist dystopia the frothing Republican mouthpieces warned of, they still refuse to play.

Hmm. Could it... is it because... oh, I don't know... is it because he's...

Yes that's exactly it Mr.Hollywood Actor (of no consequence....hell even the other dude on Wings got a gig on The Sopranos for a few weeks). We disagree because we hate on the blacks? Is that it? Calling Republicans/Conservatives "racist" is the new 'black' pun intended. Besides, his assertion that Obama is offering centrist proposals is laughable on its face and enough to completely render the rest of this Left Coast Ignoramus' rant "incoherent" at best. This Alinsky tactic of "ridicule as man's most potent weapon" is the core of how Leftists coordinate their attacks. It is never about policy it is always a personal battle. Or as Alinsky states in Rule 11 of Rules For Radicals "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it". So thank you again HuffPo for providing Mr. Weber a soapbox to spout his useless inanities. I really do appreciate it because it illustrates so much, and I don't have to do too much work analyzing.


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