Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Proof We Elected The Right Guy In NJ

Yesterday morning's interview coupled with a great Wall Street Journal Op-Ed is hopefully highlighting to America two things. One,how out of control our public sector unions are and two, how do we combat them. This is not just a New Jersey issue, similar issues are playing out in other big government states such as California and New York. Sooner or later the bill comes due and the thug leadership of these unions can't handle the truth of simple math and calculus. Here is Christie's comments on Morning Joe:


I have always been personally appalled at the NJEA's constant insistence that their 5% raises are "for the kids", are they kidding me? Is your kid going to learn any less if these teachers are getting no guaranteed raise this year? Look it's time to turn public school teaching back into the noble profession it once was, not some road to riches that so many of them see it as. If the rest of the community is hurting they should be fronting some of that burden. These people have jobs by the grace of the taxpayers in their communities paying exorbitant taxes, that are becoming ever more exorbitant thanks to their largesse. Private sector jobs have been evacuating this state at an enormous rate, yet last year alone these municipalities hired an additional 11,300 people. Let me remind you that is on the taxpayers back, those salaries and those benefits FOR life. Amazing. So Governor I say to you keep doing what you are doing,let the unions attack you but keep making the right decisions for New Jersey. This road is the hardest, but it is about time we have a grown up in Trenton.


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