Friday, April 16, 2010

Media And The Tea Party

More proof that the media's whole point of covering the tea party movement is to label it racist, homophobic and any other epithet they can think of. Forget actually reporting the news or the actual events, it's constant editorializing. They just cannot handle the fact that Americans have realized that the man who campaigned as a centrist is really a radical leftist in not such great disguise. Why is the established dinosaur media so behind the curve? Well it was they who sold this man to us. As Jim Geraghty points out today over at NRO:
I'm reminded of this recent observation from John Podhoretz: "Obama really does seem to believe that the opposition to his core policies -- the creeping nationalization of health care, the effective nationalization of the American automotive industry, the imposition of onerous regulations on energy production, and the expiry of tax cuts that will lead to gigantic effective increases -- is not principled. Rather, such opposition deserves to be dismissed as bad faith -- the efforts of the status quo, big business, and the politicians in their pockets. Or it is to be explained away as evidence of psychological or spiritual impairment created by the wounds inflicted upon sorry and ignorant souls who are being manipulated by forces beyond their control." He really can't get his head around the idea that anyone could be skeptical of his vision of government-by-spending-spree, an agenda so divisive it's convincing purple-district Democrats to not even bother trying to run for reelection.

So riddle me this Batman, will the dinosaur media ever get it or cover it fairly while their simpatico President can't possibly acknowledge what's going on?:

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell = Idiot

Also want to link to some great pictures from yesterday's Tea Party event in Manhattan, yes there are people in the city that are concerned about the loose spending and overall fiscal malpractice of this administration:

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