Friday, April 2, 2010

Keep Marginalizing The "Tea Party" Activists

[UPDATE: As if on cue, Gallup released a poll April 5th that backs up the findings of The Winston Group I cited below, and they are even more detailed. I wonder how the MSM is gonna spin this one... Here are the results: Tea Partiers Are Fairly Mainstream in Their Demographics]

I am actually encouraging the Democratic Party and the lefty bloggers to continue doing it. A couple of reasons, one it really shows their true colors as experts of the ad hominem attack and secondly, it will lead to the electoral demise of said leftists.

Why do I believe in the second half of that statement? Where's my proof? Well of course we will not know until November how deep the damage the leftists have incurred on themselves but if the recent polling done is any indication of the trend, it could be brutal. That being said Republicans will have an enormous task of turning 41 seats to regain House control. Meaning a 1994 type of landslide, is it possible?...sure, is it likely?...not really. That's just the numbers of it all. The real damage that the continual demonizing does is show that the Democrats/Leftists could care less about the rest of the country and that is something that festers and stays through an election cycle or two, if ably handled by the opposition party (that is a HUGE if). This painting of all Tea Partiers as racist and trying to parallel the health care fight with Civil Rights is insulting everyone's intelligence. As Andrew Breitbart,speaking about the race baiting, put it:

The Democratic Party is trying to signal to the black community and to progressive media types that the way to push back against the Tea Party and Republicans is to use the reliable race card by provoking a racial incident. The ensuing rhetoric about the bill and about the nature of the Tea Party is based upon repeated talking points. Propaganda. Everyone is on message that Republicans and Tea Partiers are racist — a divisive and dangerous argument, so lacking in any shred of evidence save for the fact that the majority in the Tea Party, as in America itself, is white. This is Duke lacrosse politics at its worse.

It isn't to be taken seriously and that is the problem with Libs constantly shouting "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater. All they continue to do is trivialize real racist behavior. As I have said before, if everything is racist, then nothing really is. And once again the Lamestream Media is complicit and actually partnering with them to continue with this racist meme:

The other part of the strategy that is built into the N-Word Capitol Hill Walk is the strategy to incite. The media is doing their job for them by speaking of an unhinged white Tea Party mob. Absent any evidence other than creatively selected hand-crafted signs from the fringe of the audience that are presented to represent the whole, the media is simply repeating assumptions that Democrats and media elites have against fly-over types. What we have here is hardcore media elitism mixed with politically correct class warfare.

It's just piss poor logic, a fallacy of or even 50 wingnuts carrying a sign does not and cannot logically characterize a movement of millions. Unfortunately for the rest of us, logic does not begin to factor in most of their arguments so it is difficult to converse with these nimrods about what exactly they are doing. All that being said since they are painting with the broad brush, they really should understand exactly who they are attacking. Via latest polling data at The Winston Group:

Tea Party activists may be ardent supporters of economic conservatism but are similar to the overall electorate when it comes to economic priorities, according to the findings of a new report released by The Winston Group today on the political movement.
In one of the most extensive looks to date at just who Tea Party activists are, how they think, and the ideas that matter to them, the report found that 17% of the people polled considered themselves “part of the Tea Party movement” and more than four in ten Tea Party members said they were either Independents or Democrats.

So please Democrats continue tearing these people down, they are exactly the group who won Obama's last election and your majorities in 2006. It wasn't the hard left who carried the day for Obama it was middle class independents. These are people as pointed out by Shelley at Kicking Over My Traces that:
When Tea Partiers resist attempts by Democrats to add further to the federal deficit, they don’t think it is a winning tactic for Democrats to push forward a tu quoque defense by accurately accusing Republicans of similar budgetary madness.
Tea Partiers call a pox on both their houses and want the bad behavior of both Parties to stop.
Tea Partiers make up a big portion of those who sat on their hands when called to government-sponsored activism.
Tea Partiers know that life is made up of a lot more than what the government should poke its nose into.

So please Democrats continue to vilify, look foolish and cry racism at the drop of a hat. It just might put us back on the right track again beginning this November.


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