Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Damn this is good

Nothing like watching a hack like Arianna Huffington, who has always been a political opportunity seeker, get lawyered by Joe Scarborough and Rudy Giuliani. I mean this woman as Joe points out was front and center a supporter of the Gingrich takeover of Congress and then when it was expedient took the anti-war leftist tack and created that hilarious site Huffington Post. I'm just wondering when she will be joining the tea party movement, since the Democrat-turned Republican-turned Democrat seems to have a nose when the time is right to make some cash off it. It makes me happy that men like Marco Rubio scare her...

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Another goodie on MSNBC, the forever caffeinated Chris Matthews opining on the sell job of the socialistic state. Once again just glad to see the open and true colors of the Leftists in the media:


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