Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The fact that 47% of Americans escaped taxes altogether this year and 45% according to Gallup say they are paying the "about right" amount strikes an interesting point. When does too many tax cuts begin to be counter productive? While I support the Bush tax cuts, and this evidence clearly shows that those cuts were across the board and not "favoring the rich" as the liberals (who don't understand math or economics) loooooooove to say, the cuts at the very bottom of the spectrum have created millions of freeloaders. Since those are now liability free and riding high on the middle and top of the country, what gives? To believe in true fiscal responsibility and conservatism all (outside of the permanently disabled of course) should be carrying SOME load. Even if it is slight. To me the fact that now 47% of Americans do not kick in is appalling. You mean to tell me that almost half of the country is incapable of making a decent wage and paying taxes. I call bulls*it!

The problems are multiple of course, from the AMT to the ever increasing complexity of the tax codes. Conservatives in Congress and across America have been fighting against those two things specifically for decades. Hopefully now that people are waking up to the house of sand we are presently built on, we can exact some real change to policies that have prevented us from ever fixing the core issues of taxation. We have gone from a nation of "taxation without representation" to "representation without taxation"...


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