Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Charlie Crist's Political Life Is Over

Good ole Governor Charlie Crist, chief of the great state of Florida, did not choose wisely today. He has no chance of winning the Senate seat vacated by Mel Martinez in a three way race and it has completely ended his career as a politician. He will not be embraced by either party ever, that I can guarantee. In the last year he has shown himself to be one of the most rudderless politicians I have ever seen. The man is not guided by any principles that are obvious. He and his fake orange tan have clearly their own interests in mind when it comes to his decision to run as an Independent. He has been listening to the MSM media, chirping for him to run as a third party candidate. He is cut of the same faux conservative cloth as Lindsay Graham and John McCain, these guys just want to be loved and take positions that are popular with the chattering classes for that moment, instead of standing on any sort of guiding philosophical principles. Hack politicians, all of them.

Here again I blame the NRSC and the RNC for getting behind an establishment candidate way too early in the primary season. Instead of waiting to let the Florida voters decide who would represent the Republican party in the general, they threw their hat in the ring early. By doing this AGAIN (Arlen Specter anyone?) they have egg on their face as one they gave early support to ends up bolting the party because the idea of a rough primary battle is too much for them to handle. Now it seems Mr. Crist is doing the classless thing and not giving back the donations given to him by loyal Republicans who thought they were supporting one, he has tied up all his money into ad buys through November so he can claim he has no money to give back. Rubio has proven he can outraise him better than 3-1, and now Crist will be in the unenviable position of having the crosshairs directly on him from conservative groups like Club For Growth. The way they crushed Arlen Specter in PA by funding an effort to have Specter donors ask for their money back. His poll numbers will slowly erode as people realize this move for what it is and as even moderate Republicans leave the fold to vote for their party's candidate in November. The more they get to know Rubio and his stands on the issues the more it will become clear that Charlie has none.

The sad thing is it did not have to come to this for Charlie. He could have easily backed out of this race, endorsed Rubio, return to his already elected position as Governor and cross his fingers and have a go at Bill Nelson's Senate seat in 2012. He would have looked like the bigger man realizing that the political atmosphere was not right for someone who embraced the stimulus and other liberal goodies. All the while, saving face, his donors, and keeping the backing of one major party. Now I think all three are likely gone forever.


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