Friday, April 16, 2010

But We're The Unhinged Ones?

This story had been going around the blogosphere for a couple of days now but I tend to hold back on these types of stories until other news outlets pick it up or there is video/pictures. Too many times these things turn out to be hoaxes, but there was a lot of angry SEIU thugs protesting outside the SRLC in New Orleans for a few days last week. These union leaders cannot handle that we have exposed the liberal policies as disastrous, they cannot handle that they may lose "favored nation" status in a Republican Congress, and they cannot handle the fact that anyone disagrees with them. This union thuggery goes way back, heck the Teamsters Union was built on it. So the link below is from Big Government and in the story are some other links. Remember, liberals are the tolerant ones....

PHOTO RELEASED of GOP Official and Boyfriend Beaten Bloody


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