Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Simple Observations

In light of the health care bill passing (no surprise since the D's stalling were just sellouts) I have two quick personal observations. One is that the Democratic Party is no longer an American party, it is no longer worthy of my vote EVER. While they have received my vote in the past, this current incarnation of the Party is strictly big government socialism and no longer believes in ANYTHING that is inherently American. They have just enacted the biggest piece of social legislation in 45 years without one single vote from the other party, completely unheard of. The myth of the "conservative Democrat" has permanently been killed by this bill, just ask Bart Stupak. That beast is now extinct. These clowns will sell their mothers down the river and are ideologically partisan to the core. Just vote with the party Bart and tell yourself you voted your conscience. They are committed liars and constant "victims", oh heck, leftists make a career out of victimhood. Oh don't think that Republicans will get a free ride, plain and simple if the man/woman is not a conservative they are not worthy to hold office. If you are not willing to defend the Constitution and it's core principles you are worthless to me, dead on arrival...politically speaking of course. I have my principles and unlike the unscrupulous slime in either party, I will vote it EVERY TIME.

Second observation is that March 21,2010 will go down as the beginning of the end of the Republic the way our Founders envisioned it. If these Democrat hacks had ever actually read the words or the philosophies of our Founders instead of being enthralled by the Progressive muck of the early 20th Century we wouldn't be in this mess. Progressives like President Woodrow Wilson read men like Herbert Croly and started us down the path that President Obama has ultimately finished. Collectivism as men like Croly,William Jennings Bryan and John Dewey proposed is always inherently anti-Constitution and now we have one more gigantic entitlement program to further migrate us toward the Bismarckian utopia these people believed in. That's fine you want to believe in it, just do me a favor, move to Europe and enjoy your permanent welfare recepient status there. Enjoy the forever striking French, the always on vacation Italians, and your almost 20% unemployment in Spain. Now I am sure people want to argue that the health care system in this country is broken and it needs to be fixed. No disagreement there, but what has been created with this bill is an ever encroaching government forcing you to buy a product from a specific industry, insurance (and who do you think is going to profit from this arrangement?). This is a bold and unconstitutional overreach by the federal government and it will be challenged by smarter men then me. Start saving up or go to jail for evasion, as the 12,000 additional IRS agents (also created in this bill) will make sure you do. This could have been done the right way, Republican ideas were shut out from day one of this debate. Then only given token opportunities to speak after the 2300 page bill was already crafted by Pelosi,et al. It was treated as a fait accompli by the majority, and they could care less about free market principles or the Constitution. That leads me back to my original observation, this party has lost it's American way.

The opening of the Declaration of Independence are what most people remember but the force and firmness of the framers were not heard until the last sentence:

And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I wonder now what we will do to uphold their vision or is it lost forever under our new welfare state.

I leave with this impassioned floor speech by Paul Ryan:


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